Patient Education

Turf Toe

Turf toe is a sprained joint in the big toe due to excessive upward bending. It is usually a sports injury that occurs as a result of jamming the toe suddenly or pushing off repetitively while running or jumping. Athletes who play sports on turf surfaces, such as football and soccer, are prone to turf toe, which is what gave the condition its name. However, gymnasts, basketball players, dancers, and wrestlers can also suffer from turf toe due to the movements involved in their sports.

Turf toe causes pain, swelling, and restricted movement, as does any other sprain. The sprain can happen over time with gradually worsening symptoms or suddenly with acute pain and an immediate onset of symptoms. X-rays can be taken to rule out bone injury and fractures. Treatments include rest, ice, and elevation. Compression and anti-inflammatory medications may also help (check with a doctor before taking any medication).

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