Patient Education

Foot Care at Work

Many people do not consider the safety of their feet when aiming to stay injury-free at work. Whether your job involves long periods of standing or potentially dangerous working conditions, it is important to wear appropriate footwear to avoid injuries to the feet and toes on the job.

The National Safety Council reports that approximately 40,000 of the 120,000 work-related foot injuries that occur each year involve the toes. In addition, only about 25% of workers suffering from a job-related foot injury were wearing safety footwear.

If standing for long periods of time, make sure you wear supportive, cushioned footwear, take sitting breaks to rest the feet, and raise the feet after work to reduce swelling. Massages can ease stressed, tired feet, and foot and toe exercises can help give the feet strength and flexibility.

For jobs that involve potentially hazardous materials, equipment, or work locations, such as construction sites and refineries, be sure to protect the skin on the feet from water, hot temperatures, and chemicals; it is also important to guard the toes and feet from fractures and crushing injuries resulting from debris or dropped tools. Work boots should be durable yet comfortable and are available in light industrial and heavy industrial classes. Choose one appropriate for your occupation and working conditions.

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